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Liver Failure – Types, Fast-Facts, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Liver Failure – Types, Fast-Facts, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Do you know why liver is called the most important organ of the human body?

It is important for the whole body as it converts the food we eat into energy and the most useful and desired nutrients that can be used by the body.

Root out the evil!

how would you do that?

Visiting Liver Hospital of Punjab for regular check-up.

Our today’s blog is going to be very interesting as Dr. Giran who is the best gastro doctor in Ludhiana will help you to know everything about ‘Hepatic Failure’.

This can appear in two ways:

rapid failure

chronic failure

Such a failure appears suddenly and immediately. Within a few days or weeks, you know that failure has taken its toll on your liver.

This failure takes time. Its symptoms start appearing after months and years. One of the common causes of chronic liver failure is alcohol abuse. And alcohol-based liver disease can appear in the following three forms:

alcoholic fatty liver disease

alcoholic hepatitis

alcoholic cirrhosis

Reason – Be smart and try to avoid this from happening

taking certain medications (prescribed or non-prescribed)

viral infections

Hepatitis A, B, C

use of herbal supplements

attacked by harmful toxins

Symptoms – a high signal to see a doctor

If this is happening repeatedly, don’t ignore any of the symptoms below. This is for your own good.


feeling nauseous even when not eating anything


Feeling tired even after lying in bed all day

suffering from diarrhea

sudden and rapid weight loss

itching all over the body

presence of scratches

Diagnosis – Don’t Hide Anything From Your Doctor

When you visit your doctor, make sure you share everything and don’t hide anything. Your doctor should know all of the following:

If you have any genetic abnormality

if you had a history of drug or alcohol abuse

If you are down with any other medical condition

When the doctor knows all this, then the biopsy will be done.

did you know

Biopsy is one of the diagnostic techniques that takes a sample of the liver to detect abnormalities.

Treatment – Don’t worry, it is treatable!

if any part is damaged

If only a part of the liver is damaged, then the doctor will prescribe you some medicines. If the part is severely damaged, surgery will be recommended to remove the part. Surgery is important to prevent the disease from spreading throughout the liver.

If a healthy liver has been damaged

Then the doctor will tell you not to worry and wait till it grows back.

serious damage

If the liver is severely damaged due to a chronic disease, then liver transplant would be the best option.

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