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Summer is coming, which means lots of fun in the sun and much needed PTO time for many of us. Before you load up on SPF or embark on your next great adventure, here are healthy habits it’s important to maintain that rarely fail to boost your digestive health. With rising temperatures and rising fatigue levels, summers are likely to take a toll on your gut health.

What is it about summer that is detrimental to gut health?
Heat can be brutal on gut health, damaging the healthy gut and worsening any existing GI conditions. Some of the primary factors that can lead to poor gut health and bothersome GI symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation, include:

High temperatures cause your body to rapidly consume fluids to stay cool, and you may not be replenishing those fluids.

Bad eating habits
If you’re traveling or indulging in summer recipes, thinking ahead may prove worth the effort when planning healthy meals.

Summer activities can drain your energy, which ultimately affects your digestive health.

If you suffer from a pre-existing gastrointestinal issue, spending your summer months mindfully can mean the difference between optimal relaxation and outright misery during the summer months. For additional information about ways to stay in control of your specific gastrointestinal condition, contact one of our expert gastrointestinal specialists in Tulsa.

How do you maintain digestive health in summer?
With some thoughtful planning, a healthy digestive system can be ensured during summers. Whether enjoying your vacation or relaxing on pool days, take comfort in the fact that you’re actively taking precautions to make sure your digestive system is having a good time. Here are some easy steps to maintain your health in summer:

Drink plenty of water
Stay hydrated, especially if you are out in the sun and are sweating a lot. Dehydration can lead to constipation, among additional digestive concerns.

Eat fiber rich food
To keep up your fiber consumption, include some dark green vegetables and some delicious summer fruits in your diet, which aid digestion.

Probiotics are your friend
Your digestive system maintains a precise level of good bacteria. One of the ways to aid your digestive health is to support those helpful bacteria with probiotic foods and supplements.

Plan healthy meals
Summer treats like soda, ice cream and barbecue can be enjoyable in limited amounts, but it’s important to arrange ahead of time for healthy evening meals to keep your digestive system from going into overdrive.

Do moderate exercise
Heed warnings for extreme heat or humidity, but taking a pleasant walk around your neighborhood after the sun goes down is a great way to make sure your tummy stays active.

When should I see a doctor about digestive health?
If you consistently experience any of the symptoms below during your summer festivities, you should contact an Adult Gastroenterology Associates physician as soon as possible to help identify the source:

Pain in your stomach
Persistent diarrhea
Difficulty passing stool
Chronic heartburn
If you experience blood in your stool, you should visit a GI doctor as soon as possible.

Meet Our Doctor (Dr. Indresh Dixit) to Keep Your Gut Healthy This Summer
The summer months often force your digestive system to overwork in order to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. Take good care of your belly during the summer holidays, and be sure to practice healthy habits that will ensure you never have to waste a second of your summer feeling under the weather. Should you need advice or professional care to effectively manage GI disease during the summer months, don’t delay in visiting our practice to locate a Gastrointestinal Doctor in Tulsa, OK.

Our physician-based network of gastrointestinal specialists strives to provide patient-centered care to people like you. Contact us as soon as possible to know more.

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