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The liver is known to perform various functions that are known to keep you healthy. If your liver health is not good, there are high chances that your gastro health will get affected. If this is happening with you too then visit the best gastro doctor in Varanasi to take better care of your health. To better manage your liver health and detect the right problem in time, you need to visit the best liver hospital in Varanasi to take proper care of your health. Liver problems can be caused due to various conditions and you should take necessary measures in time to take proper care of your health.

Common liver conditions that require prompt treatment


In many cases, a person has an infection that can lead to inflammation of the liver. The common concern is viral hepatitis which includes different types and based on that you will be given a treatment plan. There are different types of viral hepatitis:

hepatitis A

hepatitis B

hepatitis C

immune system issue

The body’s immunity is known to fight against deadly viruses and bacteria. However, in many cases, it may not work the way it should. There are high chances that it will start affecting various organs of the body including the liver. In this case, there are a variety of immunological concerns such as:

autoimmune hepatitis

In this case, the liver becomes inflamed which gives rise to various health concerns and increases the risk of liver failure. Women and girls with this type of immune problem are at increased risk.

primary cholangitis

In this case, the smaller tubes known as bile ducts get attacked. It contains which helps in digestion. In such a situation, there is a concern of getting scars and women have more of this problem.

primary sclerosing cholangitis

This leaves scars on the bile duct and then it can also get blocked. Bile will start to build up in the liver which will affect the way it functions. In such a situation, the patient may need to undergo a hair transplant. Men are at an increased risk of getting this condition.

tumors and cancer

Cancer can appear in the liver and from there it can spread to other parts of the body such as the breast, colon or lungs. The risk of liver cancer is higher in women than in men. In particular, you are at higher risk if you drink a lot of alcohol.

There is an increased risk of developing bile duct cancer that begins in the small intestine. The chances of this cancer are more in individuals after the age of 50 years.

inherited condition

In many cases, liver disorders are inherited, meaning they run in the family. Hereditary conditions can be classified into different types such as hemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, hyperoxaluria and alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.

Additional causes of liver disease

There are many causes of liver disease such as drug overdose, acute liver failure, cirrhosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and drug overdose.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

If you are having any kind of problem then you need to have a preliminary consultation with our health specialist so that you can plan everything better and get customized treatment to improve your liver health.

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